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In September 2014 the theme of the "Dutch National Fotoweek" was "Kijk! Mijn Geluk" ("Look! My Happiness").

On behalf of the Dutch Photo Association (Bond van Nederlandse Amateurfotografen) a contest was held around this theme. Among 130 contesters, my photo of my two little folks became the winner! Of which, of course, I am very proud!

The jury commented as follows (translated from Dutch):

"The first place was for the photograph of Joël van Andel. What made the jurors decide to choose this photograph? Is it the technique, the well chosen moment, maybe the composition or the depth-of-field that gives a perspective? The choice for monochrome is a good one. It makes the photograph timeless.

The boy and girl, his hand safeguarding on her shoulder, walk in similar step into a hazy distance. With some other clothing the photograph has also been made 60 years ago. Look at the photograph of W. Eugene Smith in The Family of Man. Taken during the period after WW-II, when everybody wanted peace. His photograph then became the symbol of a better future.

Well seen Joël! And unfortunately still applicable today."

The photograph was exhibited during the "Fotofestival aan de Maas" in Las Palmas Rotterdam in September 2014.

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Sunday morning at "De Bruuk" Here's my opening blog on my website.

Sunday, 4 May, I arrived around 7 AM at "De Bruuk", a nature reserve near Nijmegen. I was aiming for butterflies, which had been spotted there. The sun was already shining bright, so I expected some examples in the wet grass, drying in the sun and waiting to be able to fly away. But after a 45 minutes walk I still had not spotted them. Maybe the night had been too cold?

So, I decided to focus on flowers. First I spotted these little white flowers in a ditch. I captured them with my 90mm Tamron Macro lens. I shot through the existing cultivation on the shore to create a softer, more spherical image.

Then some nice passengers told me that there were already some wild orchids in this area. A bit early in the season, but of course I wanted to photograph them, since they are very rare. As far as I know, Bruuk is the only place in The Netherlands were wild orchids can be found. I took some different images. The one below is a blend of one in focus and one out of focus image, shot on f/5.6.

I hope you enjoy. Butterflies will come some day ... :-)

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